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Knowem is a Social Media Marketers Best Kept Secret

Recently I discovered an amazingly useful online tool for Social Media Marketing purposes. While reading “The Social Media Bible” section on securing a business (dealership) name, the author referenced www.Knowem.com which in the past I had used solely for inquiring as to whether or not a dealer’s name was available as a profile and URL within over 100 User Generated Content websites. The book pointed me to a couple of fee based services provided by the Knowem site that are very useful and which I had been previously unaware of.

First, Knowem will register your dealer’s name at over 100 Web 2.0 UGC sites for a fee of $67.50, and send you the confirmation links within a 24 hour period. I went ahead and signed up to secure my name as both user ID and URL extension.

Not only did Know deliver on their promise, but I also discovered a wealth of useful Web 2.0 sites as I went through the confirmation emails and clicked on the links each contained as a means of verifying that I had authorized my enrollment. What is amazing is that the Knowem team got past over 100 CAPTCHA validations. I found out that they actually have real people doing the account setups! The vision is of a sweatshop filled with 10 year olds in Mumbai, India…. Not so, Knowem claims to use the North American equivalent; part time college and graduate students!

The second Knowem service I enrolled in is their maintenance service. For about 20 bucks a month the Knowem team continues to register your dealership or name as an ongoing service with each of the new Social Networks, UGC and Web 2.0 sites as they are created. So far, the service has exceeded my expectations and been amazingly effective as an ongoing solution the social media land grabs that happen daily.

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    Knowem has become more valuable to social media marketers over time…

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